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I Have A Dream

These words were once spoken regarding the integration of races in American culture. As we understand more about autism, we understand that integration is much

Can video games be therapeutic?

It is commonly believed that videogames and problematic, aggressive behavior is interlinked, on the flip side, however, many studies say videogames can be a safe

A Home of Learning

Whether your child does homework or homeschool in your home. Your home is an essential aspect of your child’s learning experience. After all many kids

Just Keep Stimming

Have you ever seen a child flapping or shaking their hands for minutes on end? Maybe they were spinning, rocking, or humming. Then again you

Mini-Me? More like Mini-Mime.

Living with my own echo. One thing that most parents are well aware of, is to be careful what you say around their children. Most

Neurodiversity Among Siblings

In our family, My wife and my daughters are neurotypical while my twin sons and I are autistic. This presents some difficulties in sibling interactions.

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